Firm Profile

Card, Palmer, Sibbison & Co. opened its doors in Cleveland on New Year's Day in 1920.  More than 90 years later, our name remains unchanged, as does our mission: To serve clients using the highest professional standards. 

"A Tradition of Excellence" is our guiding principle and our enduring trademark. We are committed to serving clients' needs quickly and effectively through modern technology, but in the tradition set by James G. Card, Trevor A. Palmer and James H. Sibbison more than 90 years ago. 

The difference between Card, Palmer, Sibbison & Co. and other firms is continuity. We make every effort to utilize professionals familiar with our clients and their specific needs. Many of our clients choose Card, Palmer, Sibbison & Co. for this reason. 

Specific attributes of Card, Palmer, Sibbison & Co. include: 

    - Working team approach 

    - AICPA Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) approved services 

    - Annual 40-hour minimum continuing education for each professional 

    - Computer proficiency 

    - Personnel and training to service clients of up to $200 million in sales and 1,000  employees 

    - National and international audit capabilities